Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Heavy Sigh on Parenting  

So, look.

If you're thinking about having kids, that's great. Kids are awesome. One of the best things on the planet is being a parent, no doubt. 


Before you go impregnate someone/get impregnated by someone, THINK HARD

Just take a few moments before you decide that birth control isn't necessary or that the person you're about to conceive with is your one true "soul mate". Give a second thought before you go ahead and have that four minutes and twelve seconds of really intense sweatboxing.

After the fun of the production process, having a kid and being a responsible parent is incredibly tough at times, and you don't want to make it even tougher by trying to do it with someone who isn't 100% on the same page as you about basically everything.

Recall all the times you've talked with folks and you had some sort of bizarre disagreement or divergent viewpoint. Usually you can just walk away, laugh about it, and think they're cracked, right? 

So now imagine the same thing except that cracked person is going to be in your life, screeching like a diseased monkey and generally jacking around with you for the next eighteen years and there isn't a damned thing you can do to not be around their cracked-ness except turn into a disappearing deadbeat dad or deadbeat mom-- which I don't advocate or condone in any way, shape, or form. Kids need their parents around and having that sort of healthy relationship can make or break a little one's future.

So, knowing that you are going to be an involved, responsible parent and knowing that the effort is worthwhile, make it easy on yourself and everyone else who could possibly be involved and don't have a kid with someone who's not as with-it, responsible, and upstanding as you.

For real.

Today's episode has been brought to you by the letter W, and the number 3.  

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