Monday, April 7, 2008

Freakin' Delicious  

Food: The juice pictured below... freakin' delicious.
Picked up a can at my local Asian grocery store a while ago, and I've been hooked ever since. The fruit this stuff is from, the calamansi, is like a mix of lemon and lime, but not as tart or acidic as either one. Evidently it grows mostly in the Philippines and may be native to the region, and the imported cans of juice that I so adore are from there as well.
If you've got an Asian foods market near you, give this a shot. It costs about .75 or .80 cents a can where I get it, and the investment is well worth it.
Thanks, Philippines!

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2 comments: to “ Freakin' Delicious

  • Anonymous


    Because I'm feeling like a self-important ass today, I say, "You're welcome" in behalf of every Filipinos!

    Wikipedia is undecided on whether or not it's native to Philippines. "Gina" definitely sounds like a name Filipinos would use, though.

    Have you tried Pomelo juice? Coconut juice? And green mango juice?


    I've had pomelo fruit (super tasty) but not the juice, and I did try some young coconut juice (with "flesh"), and those were both good. When I go back to the market, I'll have to track down some green mango.