Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Down, and I'm Out.  

Games: Okay, this will be the last I talk about Shiren, I swear.

Since I was so in awe of Hargrada's righteous rescue, I decided to "pay it forward" and return the favor to someone who needed it. Using the game's wifi options, I picked what looked like two pretty reasonable anonymous requests for help and sallied off... to my destruction.

I never knew level 13 could be so tricky.

Anyway, I was determined to do it and I did, so Mr. Monkey and Tony, wherever you both are, you're welcome.

And with that done, I'm packing up the cart. I've got a bunch of stuff in the review queue, so I really can't dally any longer without putting my deadlines at risk.

I will honor any rescue requests that come in, though. ; )

What next?

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