Sunday, June 27, 2010

To Do: Everything  

I had big plans for today.

I had a handful of separate blog topics I was going to work on, and editing the novel is going quite rapidly. Getting another two cleaned-up chapters (if not three) in the bag was entirely doable.

After that, I was going to approve some reviews before finishing off a few more sections in Alpha Protocol.

Toss in an episode of Dr. Who or Burn Notice while on the couch with the wife, and a little Monster Hunter before bed, and I was going to call that a day well spent.

... of course, exactly none of that happened.

My "day off" ended up being “get called by the boss and work all day long" followed by "the baby wakes up at 9pm and stays awake until 1am.”

I don't mean to complain since I love being a father and I absolutely cherish my kids, and I'm also incredibly thankful to have a job during the sort of economic times we're experiencing in the country right now, but y’know, like… Damn, it's been one of those days.

My to-do list remains unchanged. We'll try this again tomorrow.

What next?

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