Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do Not Buy Dragon Age 2  

Games: I had originally planned on posting a rant about Dragon Age 2 tonight, but the day didn't quite unfold the way I thought it would. So, although I don't have enough time to do a full-on posting at the moment, my conscience is screaming out to me that I need to do something in order to warn people against buying it.

This is that something.

I'll go into greater detail later on (tomorrow hopefully) and I will be doing the full review for, but for the moment let me just say that I think Dragon Age 2 is a colossal disappointment on an epic scale. After racking up around ten hours or so in the campaign, I can honestly say that I have nothing positive to report, and that there is absolutely no reason why anyone should waste their time or money on it.

Do not buy this game.


What next?

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5 comments: to “ Do Not Buy Dragon Age 2


    I'm still yet to finish number one, which was a bit disappointing in my eyes (I'd rather they'd never ever mentioned BG in it's spiritual successor context). Looking forward to your review.


    I was put off by the demo, and so far I've heard more bad things about the game than good ones.
    The demo makes the game seem like, well, for lack of a better comparison, like Final Fantasy XIII.
    In the "Cutscene - Corridor - Combat - Cutscene - Corridor - Combat" fashion. Only that this time round the cutscenes have dialog trees.

    With this I came to the conclusion, that BioWare really rarely does games that "do it" for me outside of Mass Effect (which, to be frank, also has similar problems but glosses over them with greater success...).
    I just in general dislike their stage-like game worlds that rarely feel alive beyond being, well, a stage for combat and dialog and nothing else.

  • vukodlak


    The current metacritic has the reviewers' score at 84 and the users at 3.8! Clearly, fans are upset, but I can't get an inkling as to why. Looking forward to your post...


    I used to be postpone with the demo, and thus far I have seen more negative aspects of the game when compared with high quality ones. I recently in general don't like his or her stage-like game mobile phone industry's which seldom sense living past becoming, effectively, any stage pertaining to combat and discussion and nothing else.


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