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Trials Evolution, Chairlift, and Arcane Events  

So, I had a pretty save epic blog post all written up and save ready to post last night. I was pretty happy that I was save a little ahead of the game, and I figured save once that went up, I would be free to do other things save for the weekend.

Of course, you save can guess what happened save next...

I hadn't saved it since I was save still working on it, I opened save another document, and then the one that had the blog post save disappeared. I have no clue how or save why that happened, and I don't have any save explanation. It's been a long save time since I've lost so save much progress on a save document like save that, and I save had forgotten save how much it stings.

…Anyway, it's not as good and a lot shorter than what I lost, but here's save what I've got on tap for save tonight.

save save save


Games: Trials Evolution.

You know what it is, and you're probably already playing it. 

Apparently it’s set the Xbox Live record for first-day sales (over 100,000 last I heard) and it's got a phenomenal Metascore of 91 at the moment.

It couldn't have happened to a better game. It's every bit as good as people say (including me) and I'm quite happy to hear that it's found success.

I just "completed" it tonight (as in, rolled credits) and I thought it was quite merciful of developer RedLynx to let players get to "the end" at such a reasonable level of difficulty. Of course, that's far from the real end of the game, and I immediately moved on to the higher levels of difficulty. Before getting to Hard and Extreme, I felt like Evo was a little too easy. That opinion changed pretty quickly, though...

I'm working on a review at the moment, and I'm happy to compare times with anyone who wants to. If you're even halfway thinking about checking it out, just buy it. This has been a pretty great year for XBLA so far, and Trials Evolution is another big winner.

(By the way, it’s stuffed with nods to other games… check out this Limbo homage. SO COOL.)

Total thumbs up.

Music: A lot of current music I hear these days doesn't stick in my head for very long, but I was jumping around on the radio and heard a tune from Chairlift. After poking around on YouTube for a little bit, it appears that I like every song they've ever done. 

Check out their video for “Amanaemonesia” and see what you think. 


Comics: If you're in the Seattle area and you read comics, you may be interested to see that Arcane Comics (my local haunt) is having a series of events and guests. The schedule is as follows:

*Saturday April 21st @ Arcane Comics 1pm-5pm

SHOOTERS GN signing with authors ERIC TRAUTMANN and BRANDON JERWA! Come on in
and help us celebrate the release of their new Vertigo book!

*Friday April 27th @ Arcane Comics from 3pm-6pm

BRIAN HURTT-(Artist/Creator of The Sixth Gun, The Damned) will be signing to
promote the release of Sixth Gun TP Vol.3!

*Saturday May 5th, open to close.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!-Sale info to be announced later.

Special Guests (so far):

MORITAT-(Artist for All Star Western, The Spirit, Elephantman etc.)

MATT SOUTHWORTH-(Artist and creator of Stumptown, artist on Spider-Man Grim
Hunt and Punisher with Greg Rucka.)






Microsoft Studios Presents: Arcade NEXT

Experience the next level of downloadable games with Arcade NEXT, a four-week promotion featuring the NEXT in Gamerscore, the NEXT in visual fidelity, and the NEXT in platform-defining gameplay! Beginning April 18, each Wednesday brings a new adventure with increased gamerscore and achievements.

Available April 25
Live Event Hosted By Tobuscus Wednesday, April 25
With a brutal combat system, stunning art style and a deeply compelling story, Bloodforge sends you into battle. Slaughter hordes of demonic soldiers, deformed worshippers and the gods themselves with Rage Kills, Rune Attacks and Weapon Combos. Seal Crom's fate in this dark, visceral story.

Fable Heroes
Available May 2
Live Event Hosted By Katers17 Wednesday, May 2
This action-packed, hack-and-slash adventure delivers a fresh spin on the Fable franchise with a unique art style and gameplay that takes playful competition to the next level. Whether on the couch or playing co-op on Xbox LIVE, work together to defeat enemies and collect gold coins.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
Available May 9
Live Event Hosted By Seananners Wednesday, May 9
The infinite possibilities of Minecraft just got bigger, bringing the phenomenal experience to a game console for the first time. The Arcade version includes an innovative new crafting interface, natural controller movements, plus local and online multiplayer modes.


Experimental Gamer Reveals “Boot Hill Heroes” – Kickstarter Announced

After an alleged attack by the Chepakwik Indians, the people of Bronco County are on the brink of war.  Only a farm boy who knows the truth that can stop it.  Together with his three friends  - a gunslinging desperado, an Indian princess, and a calamity jane - he must expose a conspiracy by bringing to justice the six outlaws of the notorious Saints-Little gang.  

Their journey will take them through cowtowns, Indian villages, ranches, gold mines, prisons, and into the very heart and soul of the American Wild West.  But on their epic adventure to right the wrongs of the past, will they see justice done or discover an even darker secret lying in wait behind the scenes?

“Boot Hill Heroes” is retro RPG set in the American Wild West in development for Windows and Xbox Live Indie Games fusing elements of spaghetti western film – like gunslinging outlaws, brave lawmen, and the untamed wilderness – with classic fantasy storytelling of good versus evil and order versus chaos.  It’s an experimental combination of ideas intended to bring a new and unique experience to gamers.

The game features a team of four characters – Kid, Doc, Moon, and Rosy.  A single player can control the entire party, or friends can play cooperatively by taking controlling of certain characters.  Players can seamlessly drop-in and drop-out just by picking up an Xbox controller (or an input device for the Windows version).  The menu system is designed so that four players can simultaneously manage their characters’ equipment and abilities.

On this adventure, players can find and equip various “job hats” that not only change the look of their characters but also allows them to learn new abilities associated with that job.  A “Stetson” teaches special pistol attacks while an “Indian Headdress” reveals magical support dances.  Players can then customize their characters by choosing which of these abilities they want to have equip and build a character that matches their style of playing.

Experimental Gamer is currently looking for funding to add music and sound effects to “Boot Hill Heroes” in order to meet an October 2012 release date.  We have created a Kickstarter page to raise $5000 and are offering special rewards to backers, such as NPC appearances and cake.

Boot Hill Heroes Trailer:

Super Ski Runner is obnoxious, provocative, and at the same time very unassuming. It's like Ski Free (remember that skiing game we all used to play on old PCs?) meets every possible hallucinogen in existence. Sure the graphics are cute, but the experience is one of a kind.

Super Ski Runner has power ups, unlockable hats, masks, achievements, online high scores, and even more bonus content packed into the Gold Edition for those who purchase the game for $1 or more: 5 secret characters, 4 extra music tracks, secret endings, a digital soundtrack album, 2 HD wallpapers, an exclusive art asset pack, Full screen mode, Rager mode, and your own name forever on Ironzilla's website as a Gold Supporter.

The crazy graphics were done by Jimp, critically acclaimed artist who has been involved with ArmorGames and hit games like Sushi Cat, This is The Only Level, Shore Siege, and more. The life like menu painting of the fearful Ski Boy was done by Mike Puncekar, featured on sites like Kotaku and in Nintendo Power Magazine.

John claims Super Ski Runner isn't meant to suggest drug use like most people think, but rather an outlet to get energized and positively enlightened. The fallout he experienced with publishers was an eye opener, as many wanted to change the pills to any other other edible and tone the graphics down, but John was unwilling to do either. The "controversial" game now stands as a testament to the many indie developers who are striking out on their own and finding success.

"The original Ski Runner was my first hit game, which I made when I was 16 years old," John says. " I've come a long way since then, and Super Ski Runner is my farewell to the series. I just want to say thanks to our fans, they rock! Ironzilla isn't done yet, we have plenty more surprises for you guys this year."

What are you waiting for? Super Ski Runner awaits!

More About Super Ski Runner:


Wonder Northwest, Portland’s Comics & Pop Culture Expo, returns for its second year on May 26th and 27th of 2012. Located at the Crowne Plaza hotel near Lloyd Center, features a dazzling array of vendors, guests, events, activities, music and general fun. Wonder Northwest is a wider and much more all encompassing presentation of geek and pop culture than is currently made available by the more specialized comic, anime, gaming and sci-fi shows in the area.

This year will see the addition of the MicroMini Geek Film Festival to the schedule. Presented on Saturday May 26th, this event will feature screenings of projects both long and short that all feature local talent. The inaugural lineup will include a brand new outing from the Planning to Fail (Spectacularly) web series, a sneak peak at Galaxy Sailor Productions’ Part of the Ship, Part of the Crew by Martin Vavra – an upcoming documentary on a local group of pirates and the construction of their colossal ship, a screening of last year’s Trek in the Park performance, and much more. Everything shown will be immediately followed by a Q&A session with people involved in the production of each project.

Another new addition this year will be live music in the main panel room following the daily events. Saturday will feature geeky girl duo the Doubleclicks and geeky boy band Asteroid M. Sunday night will be a cosplay dance party with Seattle area video game re-mixer the Icarus Kid, comic based entity Robot Uprise and hometown heroes the Slants.

Guests at this year’s show include street art heavy-hitter Bigfoot.  Hailing from the bay area, Bigfoot will be unveiling and taking preorders for his newest vinyl figure, The Forest Warlord.  PDX Yar, Portland’s local Pirate crew, will be making their triumphant return.  A popular and prominent feature of last years’ festivities, they will be presenting a panel, singing sea shanties, and performing live mock-battles for attendees to enjoy. Portland’s vibrant geeky podcasting community will be represented in full force and will feature live recordings by popular podcasts Nerd Fight and KaijuCast.

Attendees will also have a wide variety of events, signings, and contests available to partake in.  The most inclusive of these will be a costume contest with local celebrity judges and fabulous prizes distributed through multiple judging categories.  The vending hall will be host to an impressive array of vendors from many locations on the west coast and will feature a staggering variety of toys, comics, vintage collectibles, games and more. Each night will also see a special after party hosted by local businesses.  Saturday’s after party will be Heroes vs. Villains Power Struggle pub crawl hosted by local costuming do-gooders The Alter Egos Society, which will end at Firkin Tavern, and Sunday night’s will be a special performance of Critical Hit Burlesque’s Geeklesque: Destroy All Humans at the Bossanova Ballroom. There will also be a special pre-show kickoff party as a special edition of the Space Room’s normal Geek Out party.

Wonder Northwest is open to attendees of all ages with the exception of the after parties which are 21 and over due to their locations and content.  Tickets are available at the door or in advance via the Wonder Northwest website.  A one day pass is $8 and it is $15 for admission to both days of festivities. 

For more information and a schedule of events please visit


Capcom announced the impending arrival of the MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 App on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch in North America and Europe. Sporting a robust 56-character roster featuring Wolverine, Ryu, Iron Man and Mega Man, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2gives players the opportunity to pit their favorite characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes against each other in an insane, action-packed, tag-team arcade fighting experience. 

Staying true to the original release, MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 will include the “Variable System,” which allows players to tag in other team members at any time. This system, specifically designed for MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 is also key to the execution of the most powerful attack, the “Team Hyper Combo,” where all three members of a team combine their ultimate powers.

The MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 App will be released on iPhone and iPod touch on April 25, 2012.


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