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The PS4 Firmware Poops Itself, Persona Q Impressions, and More!  


Games: Not much to report tonight… I had planned on putting in some time with all of the things I'm juggling for review right now, but since Sony updated their firmware last week, I've been having serious problems with the PS4 and I don't dare turn it on.

The only thing NOT on this poster? Working PS4 firmware.
It started when I put my console into sleep mode for the first time in a while. I usually turn it all the way off, but I had a big download and I wanted to get it done overnight. When I got up, I noticed that it didn't turn off automatically, and after some investigation, discovered that the unit would not turn off no matter what. My only choice was to unplug it and I thought that was the extent of the problem, but I had another surprise coming…

Later that day I was making good progress in Skylanders: Trap Team (which is fantastic, by the way) when out of the blue, my data randomly corrupted and I lost my entire save. Since I'm working on the review for that game, that was more than a bit upsetting, but it's a great game and quite fun to play with the family, so we chalked it up to a random unlucky occurrence and started a new file, only to have that one corrupt five or ten minutes after starting.

Any working firmware in there?

I've never heard of anyone having data stability problems with Skylanders, so after some more investigation, everything pointed towards the firmware update. I soon started hearing stories of other people who were having similar data corruption, games freezing, or other technical problems.

Don't drop me, I've got the firmware in my pocket!

Up until this point, I would say that Sony has been doing just about everything right with the PS4, but this is an incredibly serious issue. I haven't heard any official announcements regarding this, and I have no idea when the fix is coming. There's no way I'm going to turn the console back on to play any of my other review games because I can't afford to have more save files corrupt,  so all of my productivity is pretty much blown at the moment – Chariot, Trap Team and Lords of the Fallen were what I was working on, and I had hoped to have some updates on those for you here at Coffeecola, but c’est la vie…

On the plus side, this unfortunate clusterfuck has freed up quite a bit of time for Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth on 3DS. I’m playing review code still under embargo at the moment, but I'm guessing that sharing some general impressions are okay… and my general impressions are that this game is completely awesome.

So awesome!!

The way the systems of Persona and Etrian Odyssey have been combined is incredibly brilliant, and the game feels quite true to both series without either one getting the shaft. The art is great, the story bits have been great, the music is great, and it shows polish in every aspect. As I said, these are brief impressions and this is not at all a review, but I've been nothing but impressed with this game so far.

If you have any interest in Persona, Etrian, or just in good games, you would do yourself a big favor by pre-ordering this one ASAP… If the rest of the game is as good as what I've seen so far, this is going to be a very easy review to write.

In mobile news, Marvel Puzzle Quest is just getting better and better. The developers have just made a change to the game where every Alliance can now have up to 20 members for no additional charge, and the most recent character addition to the game, Blade, is fantastic. 

I don't have mine maxed out yet, but he's already more than pulling his weight in the current PVP, and I'm guessing that when he is at the peak of his powers, he's going to be a real monster. Good, good stuff.

Play this!

That's it for now, I suppose. Hopefully Sony will get on top of this firmware situation and turn things around soon… Oh, and in the PR section below is some info for the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles, which is a faaaaaaaantastic game. If you missed it on PS3, you know what to do. 


Costume Quest 2 is the sequel to the Halloween hit Costume Quest and features all the humor, style and fun of the original with all new outfits, a brand new story and time travel! Team up with trick or treating twins Wren and Reynold as they set out to save October’s most hallowed day from Dr. Orel White, a misunderstood dentist dedicated to a world free of cavities, candy and Halloween.

Track the Dentist and his Time Wizard associate through three expansive timescapes and get things back to normal. Updated combat streamlines the process, while adding new features like Battle Cards and Persistent Health which can be replenished at one of the many Water Fountains sprinkled in the levels. While checkpoints are plentiful to keep the action moving, players can equip the Candy Corn costume to add a little more challenge to their quest! (And get a super sweet trophy, to boot!)

Costume Quest 2 is rated E10+ and will be available today on Xbox 360 and Xbox One at only $14.99 through the on the Xbox Live online entertainment network for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games worldwide. The Wii U version is planned to launch on 10/30 in North America and Europe.  www.costumequest2.com

The battle for shinobi supremacy in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus continues this week as two familiar faces join the fray. But first, what's everyone wearing this week? Here are all the new clothes and accessories available today on the North American PlayStation®Store:

Happy Halloween - This underworldly underwear is yours at no cost - except perhaps your soul.

Second-Rate Axe - Not the best axe around, but hey, it's only $0.49.

Balloon Set - When your battles need a little more bouncy cheer, pick up this bundle of two colored balloons for $0.49.

Heart Chocolate Set - Show your affection for your opponents with a bundle of three chocolate boxes, all for $0.99.

Business Suit - Show your serious side with this professional attire for $1.99. And don't worry about how many buttons to button; it'll be a moot point soon.
Nurse Set - Put on this classic nurse outfit and matching hat for $2.49, and then ask your opponents where it hurts.

Sexy Maid - Wrap yourself in this lovely lace for $1.99, and keep the place as clean or dirty as you like.

Racing Outfit - Get your blood coursing with this black vinyl getup for $1.99. Flaming hoops not included.

Dress and Hat Set - An elegant sun dress with matching hat for $2.49. Perfect for outings in the park. Almost as perfect for ninja brawls.

Costume Set 2 - A $5.99 bundle that includes the Business Suit, Racing Outfit, Sexy Maid, Dress and Hat Set, and Nurse Set.

And finally, here they are:

Daidōji - The Hanzō girls' supreme upperclasswoman takes center stage in her own playable adventure. Not only does she get her own storyline in the Hanzō National Academy's "Shinobi Girl's Heart" section, and not only does she become playable in multiplayer with all the customization options of any other girl in the Dressing Room, but her ambitions don't stop with SHINOVI VERSUS. Pick her up, and she'll follow you to Bon Appetit!, where she'll give you an even more outrageous storyline to play through, as well as a fearsomely challenging song to attempt. All that for $3.99.

Rin - Not to be outdone by her rival Daidōji, Rin steps up in VERSUS as well, offering her own storyline in the Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy's "Shinobi Girl's Heart" section. She's playable and customizable in multiplayer, and like Daidōji, picking her up will bring her into Bon Appetit! as well, complete with her own storyline and boss music. (One caveat: Since Rin fights for Hebijo, she only carries over into Bon Appetit! if you also have the "Gessen x Hebijo" Expansion for that game.) She's yours for $3.99.

Character Set - If you think you can handle them both, pick up Rin and Daidōji together for just $5.99.
For more information please visit our official website at http://www.hanzonationalacademy.com/sksv/ or check out our official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/XSEEDSenranKagura

Woojer, a consumer electronics startup, announced the launch of a matchbox-sized wearable subwoofer that lets users physically feel sound by translating audio signals into tactile sensation. The first such compact device on the market, Woojer was designed by a rock concert audio engineer to provide an immersive experience for users’ favorite music, games and movies. After successfully concluding a Kickstarter campaign in late 2013 – which closed with over 1,700 supporters and $140,000 – the device is now being shipped to backers of the campaign, and is for sale at www.woojer.com.

Woojer is worn on the body, and connects between any audio source and headphones. The patent-pending technology transforms the audio input into a tactile vibration, which can be felt but not heard, to make the body feel as though it is being exposed to loud acoustics. The resulting sensation adds a new, deep dimension to many types of media – one that is felt from the inside out. Make movies come alive like surround sound never could – instead of ramping up the volume, physically feel every explosion and helicopter landing. Emulate the sensory input of sound for the deaf and hard of hearing communities

Product Details
Woojer Price (one unit): $99.00
Woojer Extreme Price (two units): $179.00
Dimensions: 41mm x 29mm x 68mm
Weight: 73 grams
Hardware features: Adjustable vibration level, on-off switch, Micro USB Charger, rechargeable lithium ion battery, chest magnet, belt clip.
Compatible with standard 3.5 mm audio jacks
Additional Accessories: Carrying Case, T-shirt, Sport strap
Colors: Black, White, Red, Green
For more information, or to buy Woojer, please visit www.woojer.com.


In the words of series’ favorite, Aika Thompson, “we’re just getting warmed up!” If you saw the news on twitter on Monday night, which saw ‘Valkyria Chronicles™’ trending worldwide, you’ll know that some eagle-eyed reporters spotted Valkyria Chronicles listed for PC on PEGI’s website. Well, we were going to tell you all about it tomorrow, but we have all the details for pre-ordering and content available at launch right here, right now.

In Valkyria Chronicles, for those who don’t know, players embark on an epic adventure through beautiful environments and battle legions of troops to save the small country of Gallia from total destruction. Valkyria Chronicles is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s Europe on the verge of a great war. The game follows Welkin and his fellow soldiers of the Federation’s 7th Platoon that are fighting against the Empire, who is intent on unifying the continent under its power. The emergence of the “Valkyria”- an ancient race with special powers thought to exist only in legends, turns the tide of the war and the Federation’s ability to win and a hope for a better future hangs in the balance.

This Strategy RPG was a critical success, garnering a whopping 86% on Metacritic and even earned a Guinness World Record in 2010 for being the best Strategy RPG on PS3. Valkyria Chronicles will launch for Windows PC via Digital Download on November 11, 2014 and will come bundled with all the DLC that was available for the original PlayStation 3 game including:
         Hard EX Mode (harder versions of skirmish missions in the main game)
         Edy’s Mission “Enter the Edy Detachment” (a side story campaign)
         Selveria’s Mission “Behind Her Blue Flame” (a side story campaign)
         Challenge of the Edy Detachment (six challenge missions)

So you can pre-order now and pick up this award winning, critically acclaimed strategy RPG that’s so good it announced itself, for£14.99/€19.99/$19.99 from selected digital retail partners.


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