Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Full Circle  

So it's been nearly a year since I posted here... If you've been waiting for an update, sorry to keep you hanging!

Seriously though, I hope you're following me over on Twitter, at, or listening to me on the So... Videogames! Podcast. This blog may have gathered quite a bit of dust, but I'm still churning out content on a daily basis.

So why am I posting here?

Last night I had a TON of stuff to do... Just an endless number of tasks left on my plate, and I was fading fast as the evening rolled on. I usually make a late-night cup of coffee to give me a little boost, but I wasn't feeling it. My other go-to is a Red Bull, but we had none in the house.

From out of the depths of my memory banks, I recalled a recipe for an old-time pick-me-up that I hadn't had in years... Can you guess what it was? And no peeking at the top of the page, that's cheating!

Yes indeed, I mixed up an honest-to-god cup of coffeecola that night, and it was both delicious and the equivalent of military-grade rocket fuel.

So what was the recipe? I'm glad you asked. Back in the day I used to use brewed coffee mixed with coke, but I gotta be honest, it tasted like shit. The difference this time was that I still used regular coke, but instead of brewed, I added in a spoonful of Trader Joe's instant coffee, and it was great.

When you mix the two together, it foams LIKE CRAZY so you gotta be careful not to make a mess. It's a pretty thick foam and pretty bitter -- the dark coloration you see above is little streaks of concentrated coffee that rose to the top instead of mixing in. 

Once you slurp that down, the actual coke/coffee mixture is pretty tasty. Go easy on the coffee so you don't overpower the coke, but when you get the balance right, it goes down smooth. So smooth, in fact, that I made myself a second one right after, and let me tell you, I got things DONE that night!

Give it a try if you're feeling bold!

(And hey, if you're reading this? You're one of the select few who've been following me since the early days. Thanks for being here!)