Monday, March 8, 2021

Heyo, it's time again for my annual check-in here at Coffeecola! And to be entirely on brand, it's a few months late!

= D

If you're reading this, then I would guess that it's pretty likely you're following me on other, more frequently-updated platforms?

If not, here's a quick rundown... Still the editor there and still loving it.  It'd be great to find an assistant editor -- anybody out there?? -- but no complaints, really. We've got a load of great new writers, the old guard are still around and the games are flowing. 

So Videogames. The pod has been around for more than three years and 200 episodes at this point, and I'm pretty proud of that. Still recording with Carlos Rodela.

Twitter Yup.

Instagram Yup.

I'm still playing games, but despite being at home 99% of the time due to COVID, there's always WAY more to play than there is time to play. If something doesn't grab me in the first 20 minutes these days, I bounce out, and even with that crazy cutoff there are still a thousand things that slip past me. 

Otherwise, I'm incredibly glad that we dodged a bullet by the slimmest of margins when Biden was elected, but there are still a ton of serious challenges facing the country and I'm not sure that we're doing enough, quickly enough. And of course, we need to prepare ourselves for constant conservative interference every damn day for the next four years and there is no doubt going to be a hellish Republican comeback in 2024.

Oh hey, ecological collapse, anyone? 

And like... COVID. 

It's incredible how much life has changed in such a short period of time.  It's not even been a full year  since the virus made itself known but everything's transitioned to remote, I only get my groceries curbside, and I haven't been to a restaurant since February, 2020. 

Gotta be honest, it looks like things won't be acceptably safe until 2022, and the idea of staying at home for another year is like... yeah. Roughest on my son tho, t be totally honest. it's funny that people were flipping out at the idea of being indoors for three months when the virus popped up, and because we politicized it and half the country still isn't taking it seriously, we're still dealing with it. 

....And I think that's about it? If you're reading this, you are one of the true believers and most likely a longtime reader/listener... So thanks for being cool like that. 

See ya next year-ish, but in the meantime, don't be a stranger! hit me up on social media, come to GC and catch me on the podcast.