Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ace Attorney?  

I've always been a big fan of text games, story-based games and games that factor characters heavily into their composition. As such, Capcom's Phoenix Wright series has been right up my alley since the first game launched about two years ago.

The third iteration is out now, subtitled Trials and Tribulations. It doesn't change the formula of the first two, but that's alright by me... it's been good stuff since the start. I'm only on the second case (of five) and there's already been loads of nods to the first games, a sort of meta-game acknowledgement and tip of the hat for players who've been along for the whole ride.

Although the game can be frustrating at times thanks to some strange leaps in logic or dirty tricks played by the developers (what do you mean I had my hands on a vase but couldn't *see* it?!?) it's still highly recommended and a bright spot in my playlist.

Thumbs up so far.

What next?

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