Friday, December 28, 2007

Heavenly Wha?  

Writing Update:
Ok, so it has nothing to do with my novel, but my friend Doug over at Randomly Generated 
offered me the superb opportunity to contribute to a strategy guide he was doing, and the publisher finally sent me a box of free copies. So, I'm assuming the thing is in stores and on shelves as I type this. Hey look, I'm in print!   

It's called Xbox 360 Achievements: Unlocked, so run out to your local GameStop or EB and check it out today. In it, there are detailed explanations on exactly how to earn Achievements for the top 360 games available, and these are personally tested and guaranteed to work. For $10, it's a sweet little book for yourself or any gamer on your post-Xmas shopping list. 

Games Update:
The meh-ness of the PS3 continues. Started Heavenly Sword tonight and was severely underwhelmed. It looks nice enough, but it plays like an old-school button-masher, and I say that without any hint of nostalgia or appreciation. I was bored before finishing the first set of levels, and I'll probably whip it back to GameFly in the morning, unfinished.


Fishing Master on the Wii is about what you'd expect... sparse graphics and a pretty straightforward formula where you (wait for it) fish.   It has some Pokemon elements and I prefer it without the shoulder-wrecking nunchuk-reeling, but my son friggin' loves it. The look on his face and his explosively overflowing, completely honest joy when he landed an 18-lb Lake Trout was absolutely priceless. For that reason alone, I'll be adding it to the permanent collection.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Heavenly Wha?


    Hey man, glad you got your contributor's copies. You did a bang-up job.

    Just an FYI: no "www" at the start of blogspot URLs. I got burned on that a few times too. I think everyone does it.

    Glad you're having a good time with your boy. Fishing Master sounds fun.

    I finally saw Pan's Labyrinth the other day on our new HD-DVD player. Sweet movie! I didn't know it was in Spanish, but that's fine. Really cool movie.


    if you liked Pan's Labyrinth, i highly recommend The Orphanage... Pan's director is this film's producer, but they both have the same eerie tone and wild endings. thumbs up!