Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The porkballs do it every time...  

Stayed up way too late last night working on chapter 6 in Behind Infernal Eyes... It ended up coming along pretty well, but I'm dragging tonight and gonna have to turn in early.

Ordinarily I'd make myself power through and keep working, but after a deelishus lunch of grilled vietnamese pork balls and rice at Pho Cyclo, the nap monster snuck up and made me its bitch this afternoon. Anytime I fall asleep in my car (parked, of course) I take it to mean that I'm not getting enough sack time. Since tired time is usually not productive time, I'm making the sacrifice and heading to bed.

P.S., about those pork balls... Ever watch a cartoon like the Flintstones, Scooby-Doo or the Smurfs and notice that the people sometimes eat that brown mystery meat with a bone sticking through both ends of it? I always thought it looked so good on those cartoons, and these pork balls are the real-life equivalent of that cartoon grub.

P.P.S, finding a picture of that cartoon meat is nearly impossible. This lame picture of Beast-Man about to chow down was the best I could do. If anyone can send me a better one, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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