Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reviews Are Up  

Just a quick update for today before the wife and I get in some much-needed quality time, in an entirely serious, non-ironic sense.

Between the crazy work week and the impending arrival of my son for his Spring Break visit (yay!!!) we're counting down the hours of peace and quiet we have left before things turn into total madness. A martini for the lady, and a Roy Rogers for the gentleman?
Hmm... perhaps.

Games: My latest reviews just went up at GC, you can check out Culdcept Saga here and Mass Effect's new download expansion, Bring Down the Sky here.

Books: Thanks again to Ann Aguirre for her excellent interview, peep it in the previous entry if you haven't already.

Currently in my hands is The Rising, by Brian Keene. Amazingly, this book about zombies taking over the world manages to find a new spin on familiar material, and I'm digging it. Only about a third of the way through so far, but he's crafted some great scenes and the first chapter was nothing short of amazing -- truly touching stuff, especially for those of you who know what it feels like to have been on the losing end of a custody battle. It's not good times, and he captures the essence of this profound sadness more perfectly than I thought would have been possible.

Behind Infernal Eyes: The work continues...

What next?

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