Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogging For Hobbitses  


Giveaway: So, the fine people at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sent over a Blu-Ray copy of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (plus Ultraviolet, whatever that is...) for the purposes of a giveaway, so that is what I'm doing right now.

First off, thanks to Warner Bros. for the merch!

Secondly, be aware that copies of the film went on sale today, March 19. If you don't win, I suspect that Warner Bros. would like you to buy one. Probably.

Finally, this Blu-Ray will somehow allow you to get a sneak peek at the next Hobbit film (The Desolation of Smaug) by using a code included within the package. If you are a fan of these films the way I am a fan, then that probably sounds like a good thing.

So, how do you win?

As you may or may not know, the @GameCritics podcast has recently undergone a change in direction. Our former host is leaving, so we are taking this opportunity to tinker with the formula and give the whole show a bit of a tune-up. To that end, I'm looking for some ideas about what listeners want to hear.

To be entered for a chance to win this Blu-Ray, post a comment below and let me know what ideas you have for the show. Want to hear a specific segment that we don't do? Want to hear less of one thing, or more of another? Should we schedule more guests, and if so, who? Or should we never have guests again?


Also, if you somehow don't listen to the show (and really, who doesn't?) then let me know what you like best about other podcasts that you listen to. I can easily steal those ideas with very little effort.

That's it. Super simple, right?

Post down below, give me your thoughts about podcasts, and then check back on Friday. I will draw the winner after 9 PM Pacific time and announce the lucky person right here.


What next?

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16 comments: to “ Blogging For Hobbitses


    I would like more talk about actual games. I feel like for as much time as there is between GameCritics.com podcast episodes, you don't actually end up discussing more than 3-4 games per episode, and there usually isn't much variety between them. As folks who play a lot of games, I feel like you guys play more games than you actually talk about.

    As for things I'd like dropped from the podcast, any discussion related to the Demons/Dark Souls franchise, Team Fortress 2, MMOs, etc. would be a nice start. :P


    Honestly, my favorite part of podcasts are the reader mail portion. Anything you can do to engage the community each week and have that in the show.

    I think video game hangover @VGHangover does a great job asking questions via twitter each week and reading some of the best/most funny answers.

    Just a thought.. thanks for the podcast and chance at the hobbit!



    One other thought, I hear a lot of "here's the news, here's what we've played..." and I enjoy the broader topics that span games. Like free-to-play wins/losses, violence in video games, sandbox v. corridor gaming.

    I.e. I enjoy Op ed like discussions :-)


    The more important part of any 'cast is personality, conflicting ones if possible. The more energy you can drum up, the better. Makes it easier to relate to the show too.


    I think taking a section of the podcast to let one person "take the floor" would be a refreshing approach. Just a written editorial that's read out loud is all it would take, but they could be stories of rememberance, etc.


    I thought the show was just fine the way it was.


    It probably takes a bit of work, but I'd like a more detailed show notes that reveal the exact time you discuss a certain topic. Savage Critics podcast is a good example of this.


    The long writeup isn't necessary though. Just a brief "00:00-01:56: introduction" or "04:56-50:00: Richard on Team Fortress 2" will do. This will benefit listeners who might want to skip topics they're not interested in or will come back to at a later time.

    Beyond that, I wouldn't change anything else.

  • Anonymous


    What I liked most abouth the early podcast was guest indie developpers talking about their games, and when everyone decided to play the same game (which may not be a new release) to talk about it. I'd like more talk about underrated gems (games like Nier and Binary domain were only mentionned in passing, i think they deserve more time), and more Weissenberger.
    I also like hearing "inside" talk about the industry, your episodes with reviewers from bigger outlets were interresting. I think we all like to learn stuff about the side you guys see of the industry.

    Mousse Effect


    Whatever you do you have to keep 'Thumbs up thumbs down' I love that segment.
    You dont need a news segment for the sake of just covering news. Unless there is a major event/item that you guys would naturally talk about. Basicly...if it has you excited/angry enough that you HAVE to talk about it then you should include it. But general news isn't necessary.

  • Jeroen


    Hey Brad!

    Ater all the turbulence of DD-Day (Dylans Departure-Day) back to basic huh?

    I have some tips for you guys.

    1. Keep the length of the show, the same! I love ot that you guys take lots of time instead of rushing things. Radio is a great medium to take all the time in the world to talk about stuff, this ain't tv, no listeners has a hurry...

    2. Review, and talk about, 1 big PS3/Xbox game that at least 3 guys played for review pusposes, every (other) podcast.

    The fact that you guys are often talking about indie games for the 3DS (how owns one of those except for some old school hardcore gamer, be honest?)that are only played by 30+ and 12- men in rotten old stinky curtains closed dark and smelly bedrooms, isn't really a drawer to the show. I listen to it, but more because I like the talkers than the topics.

    This year already some games came out that you guys should have covered extensively, but didn't. Namely: Tomb Raider, God of War,
    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. And you guys being such a fan of Hitman, is that HD collection worth playing or is it too old school?

    You guys are hardcore gamers, we, listeners, are just fans.

    I like the special attention for games like I am Alive, and say Limbo, but keep the smaller games you talk about interesting for the bigger audience also. I only own a PS3, most of your audience does also, I assume?

    I am not saying that you should review every BS blockbuster, but not all blockbusters are alike.
    Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are not the same value if you will as say Dead Space 3 or
    Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    3. Keep the Thumbs up/down.

    4. Keep the music in between topis.

    That's it. For the rest, keep as is. Your show is great, but again, don't make it shorter and more "dynamic". If I want short and easy, I'll do Britney Spears...


    PS. For Mr. Bracken: David Hasselhof was a german (only) hit because his hit "Looking for Freedom" was around when the Wall fell. People who like Hasselhof are the same who like Justin Bieber. Brainless. We, in Holland, have lots of them too, like any country! Except the US of course (haha)


    Reader mail is generally good, as are guests. The show has its basic format, but these sort of 'outside influences' I think help to keep things fresh.


    There is a simple answer to this problem.

    Have me become your new co-host. People like to listen to me. Nay, people love to listen to me. All of the podcast work I've done for the past 6 years has gathered me a decent following. I'm smart, funny, and I know games.

    That is how you re-tune things. You throw in the wildcard. And this wildcard is named Matt Jarbo.

  • Joel Wells (@findaer)


    First off, I love the personalities and perspectives of the show, so anything that draws that out is great.

    As for suggestions:

    How about a "WTF" moment in gaming from the past couple weeks. Maybe it is something from a game you played, about the industry at large, the comments you see at your site or on twitter. It would go along with the high/low from your site reviews is in line with the podcast's thumbs up/thumbs down.

    Have Tim Spaeth write in a question every episode, be it about how one keeps clone wives happy on business trips or possibly something about games.

    As a bigger suggestion, bring in a lady to the show either as a regular or as a guest as much as you all are able. Women are waaaay underrepresented in popular gaming podcasts, and while I know that you can't just summon someone at will, maybe if you reached out something could happen.

    Hope you guys come up with something good!


    I'd like to hear about more gaming news or discussions pertaining to news about games also having guest developers doing Q&A while also talking/promoting their games isn't a bad idea :)



    Idea 1: More Giveaways!
    Idea 2: Bring back Quote of the week
    Idea 3: More Special Guests
    Idea 4: You face your secret gaming shame and discuss. eg: if you never finished Super Mario on the nes
    Idea 5: More frequent podcasts, even if that means shorter episodes.
    Idea 6: Better show notes (tadpog.com) has really good show notes
    Idea 7: Cooler T-shirts!
    Idea 8: Community Play dates with GameCritics staff(maybe once a month)
    Idea 9: More drunken Richard Naik
    Idea 10: Hold a vote on the website to see which topics you discuss

    Overall though, I love the podcast and I want that Hobbit blu-ray.



    Also Idea 11: Some type of Kickestarter funded Live Show for a video game charity.