Friday, January 25, 2008

Life, Interrupted  

Had a lot of plans and things to do yesterday and today, but I got kicked in the ass by a few emergency assignments. 

Life, interrupted.

The wife had a great dinner going last night and I had just started unwinding from a day in the salt mines when the cell phone rings and it's the boss, asking how long it'll take me to get where she needs me to go. 


Don't get me wrong... the money's good and I'm grateful as hell to have a good job in an unstable economy. It'd just be nice to have a little "off" time and a chance to have a meal without wolfing it down as I'm putting on work clothes with one hand and packing my bag with the other. (The fork for eating is held in my toes, of course.)

Seven hours overnight one place, three hours of sleep, and then another three hours in a different spot followed by two more short gigs. Needless to say, everything I had planned on doing got pushed aside. When I finally got home, i crashed for a four-hour nap, effectively killing any chance of productivity for today. 

Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be a little bit slower... I have a book to write. 

Still working on  Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

Just started Dearly Devoted Dexter

See above.

What next?

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