Thursday, May 22, 2008

Like grains of sand in an hourglass...  

Games: A regular on the GameCritics board recently posted a thread asking people what their “safety blanket” games are—i.e., what games do they find themselves coming back to again and again?

My response? None at all. I just don’t have the time!

Seriously… between my regular job, sending out submissions to get my first book sold, working on the sequel and a few short stories, my critic/editor duties at GC, this blog, Mouths Full, and reading selections from my huge piles of comics and novels, I don’t have nearly the amount of time for video games that I used to, or that I’d like to.

Do I expand my territory and represent for my ‘hood in Saints Row, or do I bang out another thousand words for Behind Infernal Eyes? Do I finish off the latest Brian Keene book, or do I proofread the latest reviews? Do I catch up on paperwork, or do I research agents?

(Careful readers will notice I haven’t even mentioned sleep yet.)

I often find myself sacrificing one thing for another, and wishing there were more hours in the day, and when I do find the time to game, there’s just so much out there that I can’t imagine coming back to a game I’ve already finished.

I’ve got a big stack of older titles I bought used or on sale (I’ll crack Sniper Elite one of these days), I’ve got more than a handful of download-only titles that I haven’t even touched yet (Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness has been calling my name since Wednesday), I have GTA IV that probably should be finished for critic cred even though it bores the piss out of me, and I’ve got a new game just in for review that won’t even hit retail for another month and a half.

Oh, and like ten new games I really need to play come out, like, each week.

Spend time with a game I’ve already been through??? You ask the impossible.

Anyway, sorry to get off on a rant there, but I think that had been building up for a while.


Food: Green Papaya Salad is awesome.

Games: R-Type Command on PSP is awesome.

Misc: The link to this story contains hookers, stolen credit cards, a 13-year old, and Halo 3. Again, awesome.

...That is all.

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