Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothin' Much... Except A Podcast  

Nothing much to report today. I've been pretty slammed with work over the last two weeks, so both my game time and my writing time have fallen by the wayside.

In fact, I thought I would have already blown through Saints Row 2 by now, but my guess is that I'm probably just over the halfway mark... my initial plan was to have claimed Stilwater by the time Fallout 3 hit shelves, but that timeline has been blown to hell. It's going to be a real challenge getting through all the titles I need to get through in order to do a proper end-of-the-year wrapup.

One quick thing before I scoot... GameCritics is getting ready to launch a brand-new podcast. We're hoping to find a good balance between intellectual discussion and chuckle-worthy wisecracks. It's not available quite yet, but it will be soon. If you're into the whole podcast thing, keep your eyes peeled and lend us your ears for an hour or two-- if talking about games is up your alley, I have a feeling that you won't be disappointed.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Nothin' Much... Except A Podcast

  • Anonymous


    What a nice announcement! Any idea what days your slotted for (I favor the weekend myself)? Is it just you, alone in a room talking about games for 2 and a half hours? Not that i'd mind, but i'm much more in favor of having several hosts on any given show.

    Looking forward to listening!


    Hey Hargrada.

    We're aiming to release one podcast week, shooting for about an hour per episode. We'll have a rotating cast of about four people at a time, and will be talking about things that relate to games and game criticism one way or another. Look for the official announcement soon, and definitely let us know what you think... and hey, if you like it, recommend it to a friend!