Monday, January 26, 2009

Flash Update: RE5 Demo is up on Live  

Games: The Resident Evil 5 demo is now available on Xbox Live. I just had a few minutes to go through the two separate trial areas before I had to dash out the door, but from what I played, it looks like it's going to be every bit as sweet as the trailers and screenshots suggested. Time to start practicing my headshots and knife swings... Go check it out!

What next?

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3 comments: to “ Flash Update: RE5 Demo is up on Live

  • Anonymous


    So where do you stand in the whole control scheme debate that i've seen around the internet these days? Do you want a Dead Space/Gears of War style control revamp, or do the tweaked RE4 controls still hold up?

    Also, how is the AI on the second character in the single player game? I'd hate to constantly babysit a brain dead AI buddy if I decide to go it alone.

    Looking forward to any future impressions!


    Hey Hargrada,

    (thanks for your earlier responses here and at GC, BTW)

    In terms of the demo, I’ve played it multiple times and I do have to say that going back to the RE4 (tweaked or not) controls was a little bit of a struggle.

    It's not bad or terrible by any means, but it definitely feels a little too limited and sluggish for my taste. I think it would be very interesting to see what the game would be like if it had a completely current style of control.

    My feeling is that it would probably be every bit as scary and fun without the added component of the controls “adding fear” by disempowering players. If nothing else, it seems like the option should at least be there… it never hurts to give players a choice, right? I mean, I realize that the Japanese are always very careful and deliberate about the way the player experiences their games, but the fact is (to me, anyway) that there is a danger in holding onto tightly to some conventions that probably should go away.

    That said, I played it with one of the guys from GC over Live (kudos to Capcom for enabling the local/online multi feature in the demo) and we had a blast with it so I am definitely considering making it one of my extremely rare full-priced purchases…

    About the AI, in all the times I played it, I didn't witness it doing anything colossally stupid, but then again, I was usually so busy keeping my own backside covered that I didn't have a lot of time to observe what the AI was doing.

    In the second part of the demo there was more of an opportunity to kind of check out what was going on, and it all looked good from what I could tell. Then again, it was only a demo and an extremely small (and full of zombies!) segment of the total package.

    My gut feeling is that it's probably going to be just fine, but there's still plenty of time for the AI to be a bonehead once the full version arrives.

    Enough about me, what did you think?

  • Anonymous


    Unfortunately, the demo doesn't hit the PS3 until next week. I enjoyed RE4 back on the Gamecube/PS2, but I didn't love it to death like other gamers did. Depending on how the demo plays out, i'll probably just hold off on the game until I can get it for a lower price ($30 or $40).