Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just a quick note tonight... The baby's still feeling ill and hasn't been sleeping well, so my normal evening hours of productivity have been, ah, decimated in the most literal sense. Please forgive the lack of timely posts.

Quickly: Finished Heavy Rain (PS3) and still mulling it over. Will likely post something spoileriffic (WITH WARNINGS) on it soon.

Still playing Darwinia+ (XBLA) and still liking it. It's simple and relaxing, and games like that have value in the right circumstance.

Started Risen (360) and though still early (30-45 minutes in) it seems very, very promising. I get the sense that it may end up being incredibly deep and/or long, but I appreciate a well-done WRPG. If it ends up as good as it seems it will be, I'll be quite pleased.

Work on the novel continues.

What next?

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    Excellent, that's a good game. Darwinia does not fall into any one game genre, as it mixes elements from strategy, action, puzzle, hacker, and God games alike. 23jj