Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giving Away Risen - 360  

Games: Going to turn in early tonight and get some sleep, so no big update tonight EXCEPT to say that I'm giving away copies of Risen (360) via my Twitter account. If you're already following me, then you've probably seen the contests. If you're not, then... you're not.

No worries, though -- If you're anti-Twitter for some reason (and I know some of you are)  then you'll still get your chance. I'm saving the last copy to give away to folks who comment here at my blog. Keep your eyes peeled for your cue, and you just might win a free copy of this really excellent RPG

Infinite thanks to super-cool Aubrey at SouthPeak Games for providing the loot, and also to everyone who's been supporting, this blog, and me!

What next?

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