Thursday, November 4, 2010

Brief Thoughts While Wheels Spin  


Just a quick one tonight. It's been a long week, the baby's not feeling well and sleeping poorly, and there's still Thursday and Friday to get through… Anyway, without context of any kind and in no specific order:


> The Supreme Court seems to be a lot more savvy than the California lawyers pushing for game restrictions have bargained for. There are plenty of places online with transcript excerpts, and after reading some of those, I've got a whole new respect for some of those justices.

Oh, and Postal 2 was the main example California was using as something that should be restricted? Talk about clueless.


> Kinect launches tonight, but you won't find me standing in line for one. The launch software is stunningly unimpressive, on top of the fact that it seems as though every games journalist in the world has forgotten that Sony’s EyeToy ever existed.

I own an EyeToy and I’ve played the Kinect several times, and the two are basically the exact same thing. Of course, the Kinect is more advanced and (probably) better tech, but the fact remains that the two share the same general concept and perform essentially the same functions. Given this, I find it incredibly puzzling that not a single review or article I've read so far ever compares the two. Someone alert Rod Serling.


> Gameplay-wise, I bailed on Red Dead Redemption’s campaign for the time being. I might come back to it, but I had too many issues to really get immersed in it. Instead, I loaded up the Undead Nightmare DLC and although I only put a little bit of time into it, it's been a fun ride so far. I'll probably finish it up and then save the rest of RDR for some rainy day.

Apart from that, I've been juggling too many things... playing the co-op in Splinter Cell: Conviction with the wife, doing a level or two a day of Defense Grid, and still plinking around with MGS: Peace Walker.

I should really pick one or two of these and just power through, but while I'm sort of vaguely enjoying them all, none of them has really captured my attention or has engrossed me to the point that I'd put everything else on hold.

Hopefully something that knocks my socks off will come down the pipe sooner rather than later… can't say that I'm really a fan of feeling mired in the middle of so-so software.

What next?

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