Saturday, April 9, 2011


Bigtime thanks to everybody who's been checking in on my Indifest this week. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so I think I'm going to keep on doing this as a regular feature, maye once a week or so. Thanks for reading!

Anyway, I know tonight was supposed to be the finale of my coverage, but everybody at my house has come down with a terrible case of flu... We're totally laid up and going to bed early, so I'm going to (regrettably) have to postpone the 7th entry until tomorrow.

Sincere apologies for the delay and thanks again for reading!


EDIT: The day after I wrote the message above, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I wasn't feeling all that bad at first, but it hit pretty hard afterwards and I got knocked on my ass. I'm on some meds and on the mend, but I'm putting anything nonessential on hold since I'm spending most of my days sleeping and trying not to cough.

Action will resume here at Coffeecola once these nasty bugs clear out of my system and I'm back to full strength again.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the delay!


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