Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Passing  


Personal: 2011 been a bit of a rough year.

I had a feeling it might be, pretty early on in January. No particular reason, I just had that vibe.

Soon after, a number of issues surfaced that were causing one headache after another, and following all that noise came a serious bout with pneumonia (chronicled earlier in this blog) which was the sickest I've been in years and years.

Well, I guess when it rains, it pours. Just a few days ago, a friend I've known for more than ten years passed away, and the loss hit me much harder than expected.

This person had been sick for quite a while and everyone knew that there was no chance of recovery, but the end came as a bit of a surprise since they had been doing fairly well just the week before. I had expected to see them later on that day, but I got a call before I woke up and learned that they were gone.

I've seen lots of sad things and been in many emotional situations, but I think this one is probably the toughest because I've stayed in contact with the family since the event; the spouse who was left behind, the kids, and so on. I thought I'd be able to be strong for them and give support -- and I have -- but this passing has had a much deeper effect than I would have guessed.

The end result? Mild grade depression, another confrontation with personal mortality and my normally-healthy eating habits have been thrown out the window in favor of ridiculous amounts of fat, sugar and salt.

I had a bunch of game stuff to talk about, but in light of this week's events I'm going to put it on pause for a day or two. Normal blogging will resume shortly.


What next?

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2 comments: to “ A Passing


    Really sorry to hear that :( One of those situations where I know whatever I say isn't going to be as useful as I wish it was. But my thoughts really go out to you.
    Take some time out and look after yourself.

  • Jay, NL


    aaah... Brad. Sometimes life just sucks. Imo death is just another thing people have to try and live with, no offense. Obviously it sucks when something like this happens though, especially at this age. Makes one aware of the fact that everybody lives there lives, alone. In companionship, but in the end, we're all alone. That feeling comes up when somebody, especially somebody who is/was close to you, passes away.

    Also, in life you just need fucking luck. Why does one person gets cancer when they're 36, and the other when he/she is 90, or perhaps even never gets a big disease. But enough smart ass pseudo-philosophy. Wish you, and that fam. the best.

    To trow in another (Dutch) cliche: After rain, comes sunshine! Good luck...