Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Toy Soldiers: Cold War giveaway and a bunch of links!  


Games: So, the excellent people over at Signal Studios have hooked me up with three codes for Toy Soldiers: Cold War to give away, and trust me, this is a great game worth playing. My full review hasn't gone up yet, but (spoilerzzzz!!!) it'll be a very positive one. You want this.

What do you need to do to win? It's pretty simple.

Since Cold War has such a strong 80s/GI Joe vibe, post a comment at the bottom of this blog and tell me which GI Joe figure/character was your favorite, and why. It can be as short as one sentence, or feel free to write as much as you like. Either way, share that little bit of info with me and I will add your name to the glass bowl currently sitting on my desk. I will draw three names randomly out of the bowl on the 15th (basically, forty-eight hours from now) and if I draw your name, you win!

Of course, not everybody was into GI Joe and I'm cool with that. If you don't have a favorite Joe, then tell me what toy/cartoon character (80s or otherwise) is your favorite and why. I'm all about equal opportunity here. I'll take anything.

So, there's the mission and there will be three winners. Get to it!


The most recent GameCritics podcast is now available for download. The topics are Catherine from Atlus, and what it's like to be a game-playing parent. In addition to the usual crew, we were also quite thrilled to have @ind1fference on board as well, and it's a great listen. If you haven't already, click here and check it out.

(We also have new reviews for Catherine and Dungeon Siege III as well!)


Finally, just a couple of quick links before I sign out for the night...

The first is from FMV Magazine’s Mark Butler. In this article, he expresses some concern about the future of Mass Effect and highlights the ways that it can (and probably will) go wrong.

...So am I gonna see some goddamned action this time?
Needless to say, I definitely agree with a lot of the sentiments here and I'm already bracing myself for what the final installment of the trilogy might turn out to be. Click here and see what he had to say.

The second link isn't really games-related, but I think it will be of great interest to many of you anyway... it's about Finnish sniper Simo Hayha. I had never heard of him before this week, but apparently he was a resistance fighter defending his homeland from Russian invasion and earned over seven hundred kills.

That's an absolutely incredible number, and I can definitely say that this is one guy who should not have been messed with. Click here and check out the full story courtesy of, and appreciation goes out to @ecavalli for originally sharing the link.


What next?

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75 comments: to “ A Toy Soldiers: Cold War giveaway and a bunch of links!

  • Juan Sanchez


    I'm gonna be honest here... Never watched GI Joe :O

    However, I do enjoy watching Pink Panther :)

    Twitter: @liljrSanchez


    Obviously I'll have to go with Snake Eyes, I mean he's a ninja. Plus he doesnt talk which is another plus. I remember Storm Shadow would just get pissed off cause quick kick talked to damn much.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Twitter: @downsouthtigger


    Duke without a doubt!!.Have you ever met a duke who wasn't bad ass!..think about it..John Wayne aka The duke,Duke Nukem?,Conrad Hauser aka duke.All bad ass men you don't wanna mess with and want on your side!


  • Nameme99


    I will have to say Brad J. "Ace" Armbruster, mainly 'cause allied airstrikes = epic win for allied ground forces. plain and simple

    Twitter = @Nameme99


    Courtney Kreiger A.K.A. COVER GIRL because she was a strong female character and the figure came with a wolverine tank darn wish i still had it but i realize this makes me very old, that i used to own it <3<3<3 Awesome contest thanks for the chance <3<3<3 Twitter: @Nikibaby219


    Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow because they were awesome ninjas in there own right and they were my favorite action figures too! i wish i knew where they were now...

  • Chronorayven


    I'd have to say Snake Eyes just because he's a badass. If the joes need a job done they ask one person ... Snake Eyes is an one man army. Also having him as a commando/ninja makes him more lethal and bonus for being involved with Scarlet too. :P


  • totoguy


    Snow Job!
    And not just because I giggle whenever characters refer to him!



    Favorite GI joe would be Ace cause he is the first GI joe character who served in the USAF (ex USAF myself)

    twitter: @skitz470


    Just going to make it simple. Road Block because the great one the Rock is going to pay him.

    Twitter: @Forceman4077


    My favorite 80's character would have to be Snarf, from Thunder Cats. Not a Joe, I know, because honestly, I never watched the series :'(

    Reason for my choice?
    Snarf Snarf Snarf Snarf Snarf Snarf Snarf, Snarf Snarf.

    Anyways, thanks so much for this awesome chance to win. I absolutely LOVED the first game.

    Twitter: @GrizzlyBeardz


    GI JOE was pretty cool, but even as a child I was a total scifi addict.

    One of my favorite American 80's cartoons is "The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers". It's such a fleshed out and serious scifi space western oozing cool that I still get a kick out of it even if blend out the nostalgia factor. Youtube the intro with one of the most awesome themes ever "No guts no glory"! It's catchy as hell.

    My favorite character from that cartoon is 'Shane "Goose" Gooseman' a total bad ass.
    He was genetically produced in a test tube as part of a government genetic experiment to create a group of enhanced mutant soldiers known as "Supertroopers". A civilian adviser dosed the Supertroopers with a gas meant to speed up their mutation and make them more powerful, but it had the side effect of making the Supertroopers more aggressive and mentally unstable. Goose was at the firing range at the time, and thus avoided the gas, thereby becoming the only remaining unaffected trooper. The other troopers had to be cryogenically imprisoned, but some escaped. Goose was given the option to avoid cryogenic freezing on the condition that he join the Galaxy Rangers and hunt down the escaped Supertroopers. His series 5 bionic implants allow him limited control over his body's molecules giving him the ability to heal, absorb energies, and adapt to various environmental conditions by temporary shapeshifting. He is not a metamorph (i.e., he cannot choose specific forms), his power evolves and adapts his body to the environment he's in. Ranger Gooseman's implant supercharges his genetic bio-defenses, enabling them to react almost instantly, instead of minutes or hours, as would normally happen. This brings him close to the level of the rogue Supertroopers, and makes him the only one capable of going one-on-one with them in personal combat. His characterization is heavily inspired by Clint Eastwood. It is also noted during the show's credits that he is the only Supertrooper with compassion.

    He definitely deserves a spot on the Cartoon Badass of the Week column for sure!



    Oh come on, it has to be Snake Eyes.
    During the 80s when we were all watching things like Enter the Ninja and Gymkata we all dreamed of being one (and, maybe still do *ahem*) and then a cartoon comes along with one! Yay.
    Oh and his figures were bloody brilliant too! They used to beat up Megatron in my little play-world!


    When i was a child, Shadow Storm was my favourite. I buyed it 4 or 5timesa and one of them can change the color in the water. Seriously, i regret don't regret my childhood but Gi Joe Toys miss me. :)

    Twitter : MeteoraCedric

  • alaughingbuddha


    Unfortunatly I was not into GI Joe as a kid. I was into Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and my favorite character was... The Brown Hornet! BTW, I loved the latest podcast. I'm a father of two boys (7 & 3) myself and would love to see Rockstar release some "Oregon Trail" DLC for Red Dead Redemption. What a missed opportunity!

    Twitter: @alaughingbuddha

  • @darrenyuen


    Never really got into GI Joe. When I was younger it was always transformers. Nothing was cooler than cars and robots. The toys were the best of both worlds. My favorite character was probably optimus prime. It was also the biggest toy I had.

    twitter: @darrenyuen


    I'd have to say Shipwreck, he was always the goofy one.


    It has got to be Snake Eyes. I love being sneaky and people not noticing me while I go on with my plans. :P
    Twitter: @garrettyu

  • louiedog


    Shipwreck. It was nice that GI Joe was so accepting of gays even back then.


    twitter: @louiedog

  • Ben Gray


    Jerry was my favourite cartoon character, from Tom and Jerry, because he was such a cheeky little git. ;)

    Twitter: @subjectxen


    Hmm, I've never watched. A gap in my childhood viewing, finally found. I'd go with the dude in the green hat, with the stache. He looks like he wouldn't take any crap.

  • Huge Heffner


    My initial thought is to say Storm Shadow because, you know, he was a bad ass ninja. But I'm gonna go the road less traveled and say Scarlet because she was the first cartoon woman to turn me on as a boy. Given how my taste in women has changed I'd probably prefer the Baroness now, though!

    My least favorite was Shipwreck. Awful.


  • Peter


    I was pretty big into Legos as a kid in the 80s!

    Twitter @PeterTheFox

  • MagicMurderBag7


    I always preferred playing as the bad guy and what better GI Joe bad then Cobra Commander.

    Twitter: @MagicMurderBag7


    Cobra Commander all the way!


    Twitter: @WeskerJ

  • Anonymous


    Snow Job, just because of all the puns you can make with his name.
    Twitter: @joshmanzors

  • Will1985


    I was not into GI Joe as a kid because I was too young. I was into Ninja Turtles !!!

    Twitter : @buddythebear

  • Anonymous


    My favorite toy/cartoon would have to be Soundwave from Transformers. not only can he turn into a boombox, he has cassettes that can also transform such as lazerbeak and ravage.

    Twitter is @Evilteddy03

  • Anonymous


    Duke was my favourite - although I remember him most as an action man toy. I had one JI Joe movie on VHS once upon a time, although I can't really remember what it was called. I think I actually had a an army of the little plastic buggers, vehicles, camping gear, VR goggles... oh yeah, action man got crap in the mid-90s!


    Favorite GI Joe character? I had all of the 1980's figures, play-sets and vehicles, but my favorite figure is Rock 'n Roll, especially the '89 figure. Dude had quad-mini-guns, belt-fed from a backpack. Can you imagine how much suppressing fire this guy could lay down? Absolutely crazy.


    Sanke Eyes is my favorite, was a big fan of ninjas at the time.

    Twitter: @Geek_Lantern


    Oh!I'm soooo sorry, I don't watch GI Joe.
    However, I like watching Keroro( a Japanese Carton). It is because its personality and the way to do jobs is very similar to me.
    Also, I think the plot is and creative very funny.
    These are the reasons why I love this carton.


    i am too young so i haven't watched G.I Joe. My favorite character is Luffy. He is a great goal to become the king of pirate and he never give up for doing everything.

  • Matt


    My favorite 80s cartoon was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I loved the toy van that shot pizzas.

    Twitter: @matt_247

  • Jay


    Dusty was my favorite...i lost him in my backyard and never found, his camo was too good, i'd like to think he's still hidden in the brush taking out cobra one by one.


    I used to like the hawk action figure, i think, he was just really awesome. But the first time i went to the shooting range, i shot him up with a hangun. Lol


    This comment has been removed by the author.


    Cobra: I liked his voice... and who doesn't mind commanding an entire private army



    And i forgot, my twitter is @ninjajoehenes48.

  • ricardo


    Storm Shadow is my favorite,because I think it's great


  • Anonymous


    Snake Eyes!
    Why? cause he was such a awesome mute ninja. So much coolness without saying a word. The issues of the Marvel G.I.Joe comic book he has in were epic!

  • Anonymous


    Low-Light, since it was the 1st GI Joe I had. I even had to rescue him from another kid but that's another story.
    Now if we talk about the series, Cobra was the most charismatic character.

    twitter: @VDH360


    Storm Shadow hard to beat being a GI Joe and a ninja!! Loved playing as him as a kid. thanks for the chance at this what I'm sure will be an awesome game.


  • Rachel


    umm well I was more of a Barbie girl, so I didn't really play GI Joes (don't hold that against me) but I will say Scarlett pretty sure I played with her a few times when playing with cousins and brother.



    Without a shadow of a doubt
    Count Duckula!!

    Everyone sing along.

    Castle Duckula, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious
    vampire ducks - The Counts of Duckula.
    Legend has it that these foul beings can be destroyed by a stake through the
    heart or exposure to sunlight.
    This does not suffice however, for they may be brought back to life by means
    of a secret rite that can be performed once a century when the moon is in
    the eighth house of Aquarius.
    (Blood!) (I'll get it!)
    The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan.
    (Oooh!) ]

    In the heart of Transylvan-ia,
    In the Vampire Hall of Fame-yeah,
    There's not a vampire zanier than...

    He won't bite beast or man,
    'Cos he's a vegetari-an. (Aagh!)
    And things never run to plan for...

    If you're looking for some fun,
    You can always count upon,
    The wild and wacky one they call,

    Wow that brings back memories lol!!


    I always was a fan of Crystal Ball, mainly because his figure looked like an evil psychic version of Kraven the Hunter, but also because the poor guy had to go through life with the first name Crystal.

    Twitter: @DrScientifico


    This comment has been removed by the author.


    This comment has been removed by the author.


    I wasn't really a huge GI Joe fan, so I'm going to have to say that my favorite cartoon character as a kid was Odie from "Garfield and Friends". I always liked seeing what Garfield had in store for Odie...whether that was kicking him off the table or getting him stuck in a tight spot. Odie sometimes had a trick up his sleeve as well, though...and that was one of the best parts about the lovable dog. :-)

    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004


    Rock n Roll was always my favorite GI Joe when I was growing up. One of the original Joe members, a crazy stoner hippie with an insatiable rage. He was the backup drummer for Jefferson Airplane, when they changed to Starship it pissed him off and turned him into a machine gunning fool! If his awesome machine gunning skills don't kill ya his epic beard will! The best part about it when I was a kid though was that Rock n Roll looked just like my dad! haha

    Twitter: @Sid_1138

  • Matt


    Snake Eyes would have to be my favorite character from the series. He's literally the backbone of the Joes, I mean c'mon a silent Ninja with deadly accuracy wielding his signature uzi and ninja sword, how can you go wrong!?


  • Anonymous


    My Favorite 80's cartoon Character was Michelangelo from TMNT. He reminded me of myself as the youngest member of 4 siblings who liked to joke and get on my older siblings nerves. And I love Pizza so he was naturally my fave.


    PS. Thanks for the chance at the Code...Big Toy Soldiers fan!!!


    I gotta go with Cobra Commander, I love his look and Chris Latta was an amazing voice actor! :D COBRAAAAAAAA!

  • Cyberdying


    Sgt Slaughter I loved doing the voice for my son when playing years ago. Thanks for the chance

    Twitter Cyberdyingsy


    Think I was a bit too young when GI Joe was around and never saw it. Although my fav cartoon character has to go to Trunks from DBZ (Future of course) just because he was so bad arse.


    I don't know if he counts as my "favorite" per se, but I spent the most time thinking about my Mutt action figure.

    Remember that tiny piece of plastic between the GI Joes' legs? Mutt's broke off, so he was basically neutered.

    It made me reflect a lot on castration and gender identity in the military. I was probably 6 or 7.

    Other than that it might be Roadblock, because I think he has already been Badass of the Week. For the entire decade of the 80s.

    Thank you.



    Here in the UK, GI Joe was called Action Force and I don't know if they had individual names? but they were very cool and being a girl, I woul have given up my Barbies and Care Bears for one, no question!


    snake eyes obviously cause hes one of the Greatest Ninja ever @_@ epic ninja battles rockkkk
    Twitter is as follows. just_1_just_i

  • patric


    grand slam was the best soldier in gi joe but also gung ho was a marine so he was a brilliant character


    Rock n Roll is the best GI Joe character!
    Twitter: @garymamba


    My favorite has got to be Gung-Ho. He is so strong and is such a bad-ass :P



    I would have to go with with The Baroness. She was without a doubt, the smartest one on the Cobra side, and whether or not you admit it, a sex symbol or icon for all of us "boys" in the 80's!

  • Anonymous


    Snake Eyes because the dude is a ninja with a katana... nuff said
    twitter: @iTz_Dustin


    Salvo was my favorite GI JOE because he brought the heavy firepower! Can't wait to play Cold War!



  • Ted


    Thanks for the chances, I'd have to go with snake eyes, since you never saw his face, he could be anyone, even me...

    Twitter: @t3dgoodridge


    All I can say is Ace because put it this way give him a plane and the target doesnt exist anymore. I admire Ace as I want to be a pilot in the Royal Air Force next year when my training has finished.

  • Anonymous


    Ace was pretty cool!

  • Anonymous


    Without a doubt best was snake eyes. A ninja, who messes with a ninja.

  • Anonymous


    Without a doubt best was snake eyes. A ninja, who messes with a ninja.

  • Anonymous


    Without a doubt best was snake eyes. A ninja, who messes with a ninja.


    Dusty, he was the only figure that I had with the cunning and skill to not allow himself to be stolen by the other neighborhood kids.

  • jose @kewljoe


    I gotta say Quick Kick he was a cool looking action figure and had a key role in the GI Joe movie.


    Snake Eyes...hands down!

  • Darklurkr23


    Cobra Commander! Because he said COBRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA And that suit was boss.

  • Darklurkr23