Saturday, September 10, 2011

PAX Prime 2011 - The photos  


Games: It’s a little overdue, but to finally close out my PAX Prime 2011 coverage, enjoy this handful of photos I took in and around the show. Comments on each pic!


This Skyrim dragon was absolutely HUGE... This picture does not do justice to the sheer size of it at all.  

One of the broke-ass hoopties from Rage. They get awful mileage. 

This was as much of Bioshock Infinite as I got to see. The line to get in was ridiculous.

Come on now, those little legs really can't support that fatty torso.

This is where pineapples come from.

Truly a bad-ass costume, but it had to have been hot as hell in there.

The booth for had actual grandmas baking hot cookies for passersby. Best. Booth. EvAr. 

Just one of 42,000,000 Star Wars cosplayers.

He's clearly casting an Interrupt.


This Marcus statue had a dedicated guard sitting just slightly off-camera all day long. Felt REALLY sorry for that guy. It must have been the most boring assignment in the world.  

I recognize The Tick and The Moth, but the others? Uhh.....

That big piece of gear behind the figures moved and pounded LOUDLY, as though it was actually terraforming the show. 

So gross.

This group had actually sent out an email blast advertising FREE BEER at their gathering. Apparently the PR company repping them didn't 'get' the whole religious connection going on.  An amended email (minus the beer) came almost immediately after.

Will eviscerate for food.

Another really cool 'needs help to go to the restroom'  getup.

Best MK cosplayers of the show. They didn't have the most detailed costumes,  but when the middle guy busted out  that Friendship, I had to applaud. 

The bathroom he just came out of is now 100% free of necromorphs. 

Kind of hard to tell from this angle, but this Tank from L4D2 was enjoying a mocha. 

These folks were doing zombie makeup for showgoers, and they were doing an *amazing* job. 

My last game came out when?

This guy's costume was much less impressive after he jumped off the third-floor balcony and his wings failed to open.



That's it for PAX coverage this year. As always, it was a phenomenal experience and one of my favorite times of the year. If you've never been, I'd strongly encourage you to go... There is literally nothing else like it!


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