Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Checking in...  


Just a quick check-in tonight...

Sorry for being MIA over the last week or so, and thanks to everybody who sent in messages asking if I was all right. Everything is totally fine, I've just been putting in a lot of evening hours at work lately.

Since I do most of my writing after my little boy is in bed, heading to a job instead of heading to my office once he's tucked in means that the writing just doesn't get done. Although working during the day and then working some more at night is not the ideal situation, being a freelancer means that you’ve sometimes got to take gigs where you can get them, and that goes double in an economy like the one we've got now.

Although it may change, my nights are looking a little more normal this week and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get the chance to burn through some of my to-do list. If i get that chance, what's coming up?

I've got a couple of brief interviews and one potentially juicy one. I've got some hands-on impressions of Skulls of the Shogun coming. I've got multiple reviews in various stages of completion (Escape Goat, Fate/Extra and Saints Row 3) and I have a whole bunch of interesting links saved up as well.

I've definitely been busy enough to post some blog entries, the problem has just been finding the time to actually sit down and do them.

Anyway, thanks again for sticking around, thanks for checking up on me, and with any luck, I'll have some interesting stuff posted before too much longer.


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