Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Deadrock Divide from Bootsnake Games - Kickstarter Edition!  


Earlier today I had the opportunity to stop by @BootsnakeGames to take a look at their new title, Deadrock Divide. These plucky guys just launched a kickstarter today, in fact! 

Full disclosure: I've been a fan of the studio for some time, although some of you may not have heard of them. Their first game was Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, one of my honorable mentions when picking a top ten for 2012. If you haven't played it, it's fantastic. Also, as far as I know, it’s available on pretty much every platform.

About the studio themselves, the core is made up of two brothers, Mat and Dru Staltman. These guys knew they wanted to make games together since their teens, and their two-pronged ‘we are brothers’ approach comes out in the way Dru handles code and Mat handles art. one is an industry vet, and between the pair they’ve worked on titles like Pirates of the Burning Sea, Bakugan, Supreme Commander and Demigod. When their grandfather passed away, he left them a small sum of money -- the seed of Bootsnake itself. 

Their new project, Deadrock Divide, is a bit tough to nutshell, but it's probably easiest to say that it's inspired by XCOM with cues from FTL. It’s also worth noting that while Skyrim doesn't immediately come to mind, that same sense of "go anywhere and find something" was a theme that came up in the discussion. 

It’s still quite early but I laid hands on a pre-alpha build, and I was liking what I was seeing. Essentially, the player takes control of a miner entering a region of space that is currently being fought over by different factions. The player will have their own customizable ship and every member of the crew will have a customizable loadout of weapons and armor. Combat plays out in a turn-based, grid-based fashion reminiscent of other turn-based strategy games. 

I'm happy to report that the game will have a campaign mode, companion characters, recruitable grunts, and a full storyline. After a certain point, the player will be asked to align themselves with one of the three factions in the area: the Miners, the Corporation, and "The Lost". Not only do these factions have their own unique plot branches, but their own unique win conditions as well.

The Miners are the people who were in the area first, and they’re fighting to get their territory back. The Corporation is after alien tech from a previous civilization, so they win the game when they find enough of these artifacts. The Lost are exiled aliens out to collect the precious "deadrock" mineral for their people, so their goal is to amass a pile of the stuff by any means necessary.

Although everything I saw and everything I'm discussing here is in a very, very early stage, I thought they did a fantastic job with Containment, and if that level of quality is any indication, then Deadrock Divide will be one to keep an eye out for.

For you fans of turn-based strategy who might like to throw sunshine on a small studio filled with hard-working people, click on over to their kickstarter, toss them a few bucks, and tell them that I sent you.


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