Friday, January 22, 2016

PSN Flash Sale - Ends 1/25  


PSN is having a big Flash Sale right now until January 25th. There's a lot of stuff on the cheap, but with so much to choose from, what are the best picks? Tastes vary, of course, but here's what caught my eye.   

I'm curious about... 
Actual Sunlight
Eiyuu Senki
Steins; Gate

And these are guaranteed good times...
Hand of Fate
Hotline Miami
Race The Sun
Rogue Legacy
Stick It To The man
Tokyo Jungle

If you have a couple of bucks to spare and need to beef up your PS4/PS3/Vita backlogs, now's the time!


What next?

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3 comments: to “ PSN Flash Sale - Ends 1/25

  • Jay


    Thanks for sharing Brad.
    Too bad the European sale is garbage, only the USA Flash sales are indeed, great! So, I made up a USA PSN account, but still no luck. I own a PS3, so no Hand of Fate for me, only for PS4. Then, "Stick it to the Man" was on my list, but, a Dutch Paypall account in combination with a USA PSN account is also forbidden. In the end? No sale, no games for me!!! Too bad... Thanks anyway

  • upselo


    Have you had a chance to test Actual Sunlight? I'm also quite curious about it.

    If you have the chance, give Hohokum a go, it was on PS+ last year if memory serves. I felt it was an interesting mix between flower and Noby Noby Boy (open playground without heavy handed objectives or directions, playful interactions and gorgeous visual style).


    I picked up Hohokum and Actual Sunlight but haven't tried either yet!