Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dancing Goats  

Just a few quick words on a (sort of) relatively new discovery: Dancing Goats coffee.

A local shop near my house was sporting these beans, and after brewing them at home, I'm a big fan. The wife and I detest citrus notes in our coffee, and go for rich, smooth blends. The bag of Dancing Goats we got fits the bill perfectly, roasted by Batdorf & Bronson.

We were devotees of B&B from our days sipping black at the Pearl Bakery in Portland, but had given up hope of getting the same up north here in Seattle. Don't get me wrong, there are *tons* of great roasts around here, we just had a particular taste for this one and we were quite pleased to find that it was pouring just a few blocks away.

If you're not as close to a retailer that carries it, I highly recommend placing an order online... You won't be disappointed.

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