Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!  

Hate to say it, but I sort of called it in Saturday’s post -- I was summoned to work on Sunday, so the wife and I didn’t even make it through a full 48 hours of downtime.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining or that I’m ungrateful to have a good job in a soft economy, but still… It’d be nice to have a real weekend once in a while.

In unequivocally happier news, today (2/25) the wife and I celebrate our 2nd anniversary, and I celebrate two-plus years of being with the best lady on the planet. Sho’nuff ain’t no one finer!

Games: Finished Warhammer Squad Command (PSP) late last night. There were a few issues with it like the coldly brutal difficulty spikes (levels 10 & 13, if I recall correctly) and it was a little bare-bones in terms of customization and post-completion extra content, but it played like butter and has an extremely robust and slickly competent combat engine going on. A definite thumbs up, I’d love to see a slightly tuned-up sequel built on this foundation.

Still playing Culdcept Saga’s story mode (it’s starting to become a slog now due to the bloated length) and I just started the PSP's Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice (pictured). As loath as I am to play anything with ‘Extreme’ in the title, it’s a lot of high-energy fun so far. Not sure that its better than the first, but this one’s got WAY more approachable difficulty.

Writing: Submitted two entries to the 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition… Winners are announced in October, so it’s sort of a “fire and forget” thing. I’m not going to worry much about it, but it’d be nice to get some sort of prize or deal out of it.

With regard to Behind Infernal Eyes (and SIFT, for that matter) I met a person today who screamed ‘put me in your book’ with his odd personality and erratic manner. I’m definitely going to work him in, but with the character he will be (and others I’ve used) I’m sure some people will accuse me of being too over-the-top and bizarre. Funny thing is, most of these people have a very real basis in life…

Politics: There was some talk recently about passing a bill in the WA state legislature requiring drivers with a DUI (drunk driving) conviction to have bright yellow license plates on their cars as a mark of public shame, the point of which would be to put greater pressure on them to not re-offend. Evidently it died a quick death, and I’m a little disappointed.

I’m absolutely against drunk driving, and I defy anyone, anywhere, to give me a good reason why driving under the influence is all right. In my view, there’s just not EVER a good reason to get behind the wheel after tipping back a few, and if public humiliation is the only thing that would stop some people from doing so, then so be it.

There was some talk that since some families share cars, other non-DUI members of the household would be stigmatized despite being innocent -- but the way I see it, that just puts even more pressure on people to do the right thing. Would you really want to risk it if you knew your entire family would be humiliated if you got caught?

With so many people dying in accidents that are alcohol related (and how is it that the drunk driver is usually the one to walk away without a scratch?) just about any measures taken to try and stamp out unsafe driving are all right with me. With this bill being defeated, I suspect that there are more than a few higher-ups in the legislature and elsewhere who’d be pretty embarrassed to be seen driving if the new yellow license plates had gone into effect.

What next?

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