Thursday, April 3, 2008

Quickie, the Second  

Another quickie post today...

Games: I just wrapped up another interview with the always awesome Mare Sheppard, half of the creative team behind the diabolic-yet-delightful N+. I have a spot of copy-editing to do, but look for a link to the words here soon. For more on Mare and what she's doing now, click on the link to your left titled MetaBlog.

Random: On the way home from a gig I was doing tonight, I heard a crazy squealing noise over the sound of my radio as I was passing through a tunnel. Looking around trying to figure out what the hell it was, I was more than a little shocked to see some crazy guy with a deathwish doing a standing wheelie on a souped-up crotch rocket, weaving around the other cars in the narrow passageway and causing every vehicle in three lanes to suddenly slow down in order to avoid an accident. Guy on the bike, if you're reading this... you're a f*cking jerk, and the next time you get the urge to attempt suicide, do it somewhere where there's no risk of taking anybody else with you.


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