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Dungeon Travelers 2, Ziggurat, and Resident Evil Revelations 2  


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Now, let's get down to games…

First up, @AtlusUSA has released the Dungeon Travelers 2 demo on Vita. It's a really generous demo basically encompassing all of the first three levels. In a smart move, the data transfers to the full version once the player wraps it up, so the time spent is not wasted. I absolutely love demos like this, and I wish more companies would do it.

Anyway, the game. It's essentially a straight-up dungeon crawl very similar to Etrian Odyssey, although none of the do-it-yourself mapping is in here. The systems seem pretty interesting, and while there's always a certain amount of grind it a title like this, this is one of the first games I can recall that actually gives a clear reason to grind beyond pure XP.  Specifically, after defeating a certain number of monsters, their leftovers can be turned into an item which can be equipped on characters to give an ATK UP, DEF UP, and other things along those lines.

There are a few other nice little design tweaks to keep it feeling fresh and the writing has been clever so far, but (probably) the biggest thing people might immediately notice about it is the level of skin on display. Make no mistake, this is a fanservice game when it comes to the presentation -- most of the “monsters” are buxom ladies, and apparently the characters wear less clothing as they change into advanced classes.

I'm not going to lie, there's a lot of T&A going on here, but just as is true for books, music, and films, not every game is right for every player. People who are allergic to this stuff should probably stay away, but those who don't mind it or those who might want a good dungeon crawl should check this one out.

Sony’s having a big sale on a lot of titles right now, so check that out if you are so inclined. I already had most of the good ones, but I did pick up Ziggurat.

I was a little hesitant since it was coming from Milkstone Studios -- I remembered that they put out a bunch of garbage on XBLI – but the reviews seemed pretty positive and I had a few people on Twitter tell me it was good, so I gave it a whirl. I'm happy to say that they weren't wrong, and I'm looking forward to putting more time into it.

Basically, it's a first-person shooter, but structured like a roguelike where each dungeon layout is random and so are the enemy placements and pickups. It’s nothing revolutionary, but what I've seen so far has been well done, and the action comes fast and frantic. Feeling like I got my money’s worth so far, so heads up on this one and grab it before it goes back to full price if it sounds appealing.

The last thing I've had time for this week is Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PS4. Playing it cooperatively with the wife and we only just finished the first chapter, but it's been a great time so far. In fact, it’s probably the most enjoyment I’ve had with a RE in quite some time.

Where's Barry? RIGHT HERE!!

We’re playing in splitscreen, so it's not optimal but definitely acceptable. The setting is pretty standard evil scientist/gross experiment kind of stuff and the action is find-a-key/shoot-the-zombies, but I really don't mind since it feels like the series is coming back to its roots in a way that's long past overdue, especially after the nonsensical action-movie genre-mashup of the blowjobbing-a-giraffe RE6.

There's still quite a bit of game left to go, but it's gotten off on the right foot. I mean, I wasn't sure I'd ever be down for more Resident Evil after the last couple of games, but this one might have turned things around. We'll see.



Armello, a fantasy board game come to life from League of Geeks will have two additional characters when the title launches on September 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Zosha the female rat and Barnaby the male rabbit are the two newest characters to be introduced. Zosha goes into Stealth every sunset where she can outmaneuver her competition, avoiding aggressive heroes while also sneaking up on those who least expect it. Barnaby can come up with the perfect item to fit any situation, making him adaptable to many different strategies.

The final build of Armello including Zosha and Barnaby will be playable for the first time at PAX Prime. PC gamers have until July 31 to purchase the game on Steam Early Access, after which the title will not be available until the official release.


Deep Silver and inXile today announced that the acclaimed post-apocalyptic PC best-seller, Wasteland 2 is coming to the Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system on October 13th in North America. Wasteland 2: Director's Cut will be playable at gamescom 2015 at the Deep Silver booth in Hall 9.

Wasteland 2: Director's Cut takes last year's critically acclaimed PC release through a complete visual overhaul; it features a more sophisticated lighting system, upgraded environments and improved textures as well as brand new, higher quality character models. All major speaking parts and NPCs have also received new voice-overs, and weapon sounds have been revisited in order to provide more variety and punch. inXile has implemented additional gameplay advances such as improvements to combat encounters, additional passes to balancing, enhanced cut scenes plus all-new "Precision Strike" and "Perk & Traits" systems. Most importantly, the game's UI and control scheme have been completely reworked and optimized for consoles.

Key Features:
· The Director's Cut: Overhauled graphics with fully redone character and level art, voice-over expanded with tens of thousands of lines, and new features make this the definitive version of Wasteland 2.
· Turn-Based Tactical Combat: Tackle explosive and deadly squad-based combat encounters against the wasteland's raiders, mutants, robots and more that will test the limits of your planning and tactics.
· Your Squad Your Way: Don't feel like finding the key for a door? Pick the lock, bash it down with your boot or just blow it open with a rocket launcher!
· A Huge Reactive Story: With hundreds of choices and consequences at your disposal, with both short and long term reactivity to the players choices and 80-100 hours of gameplay, no two players will have the same experience.
· Huge & Customizable: Dozens of hours of gameplay. Hundreds of characters. Thousands of available combinations for your Rangers' appearance. More than 150 weapons. Dozens of skills!
· Enhanced Classic RPG Game Play: Classic RPG game play ideas updated with modern design philosophies.


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