Sunday, February 17, 2008

Konami and Kaneko  

Games: Got paid today after what felt like forever, so the wife and I took a trip down to the local GameStop to have a look-see. Since joining up with GameFly, I usually don't buy a game until after I've already tried it, but it's hard to resist the instant gratification of walking into a store and having a new game in hand just a few minutes later.

Purchase 1: A used copy of Warhammer Squad Command for PSP. I haven't had anything to play on Sony's little machine for a while and I've heard fairly good things about this one -- any game referenced in the same sentence as X-Com gets the benefit of the doubt with me.

Purchase 2: Professor Layton and the Curious Village for DS. Although I just stated that I don't usually buy games until after I've tried them (and then, my purchases are usually limited to secondhand copies) I do buy some games right off the bat on principle alone. Off the top of my head, I ponied up the asking price for Culdcept Saga and before that, Mass Effect and Persona 3. These are games I absolutely want to support and I know the developers put out a quality product, so I'm fine with giving the green.

I went ahead and got Professor Layton new because it's from the good people at Level 5, and as far as I'm concerned they can really do no wrong. It's been a long time since I've been able to put complete faith into a developer, but Level 5 is coming very, very close. The last time I trusted a developer so implicitly was probably Konami back in the NES/SNES era when anything with the old orange and red logo meant it was going to give you your $50 worth.

Random: I have the best wife in the world. All you other married guys out there, you may have pretty good wives or even excellent wives, but there isn't a woman alive who can top mine. There are approximately 34,642 reasons why this is true, but today's reason is… Kazuma Kaneko.

I'm a huge fan of this artist, most commonly known for his work on the Persona series among other things. His clean designs and iconic style are unmistakable, and I've been wanting a collection of his art for some time. I think I mentioned in passing to the wife one day when we were browsing in an import bookshop, but that was months ago and it wasn't any big deal.
Today, what do I find sitting on my doorstep?

There you have it. My wife is the best.

What next?

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2 comments: to “ Konami and Kaneko

  • Anonymous


    You are one lucky bastard, you!

    I've been curious about curious village too. Have you started playing it? I want to know if it's any good since I find the artwork (which is sort of Miyazaki-like) charming.

    And 3 more days before Apollo Justice! I can't wait to drop everything else I'm doing!

  • Anonymous


    I just got the Curious Village. Looks pretty sweet to me so far. I think you'll like it.