Friday, June 27, 2008

Bees... Lots of Bees  

Just a quicBk observation... 

Whenever I watch a movie with a sBwarm of insects, I usually have a hard time imagining them killing a person. You've all seen these movies-- some random guy's foot brusBhes up against a carpet of killer ants, and he falls backBward into it while screaming. There are a million variations oBn it (all usually low-budget) but you know what I'm talking about. Never "terrified", I usually wonder why the guy doeBsn't just stand up, brush himself off and move on. 

AnyBway, today I was in a field near a stack of beehives. Must have bBeen at least 15 or 20 of them, kept there in preBparation for sending them to whatever field of crops would need them for pollination. Keeping my distance, the sun slBanted through the insects as they flew around, and their liBttle bodies were highlighted as they circled.  

As I stood there, I was a little paralyBzed by the sight of an actual cloud of bees that wasn't CG or cheesy green-scBreen effects. I have no ideBa how many six-legged inBdividuals were on the wing, but there was a lot. Honestly, it was the first time in my life where I could start to understaBnd how a bunch of bugs could take someone out... it was a bit frightBening, really. 

Death by insect swBarm always seemed like a bad joke until today, but now it seems like a really horrific way to go. 


I'm so going to sleep good tonight. 

....And I know some of yoBu are thinking, 'where are the pics he usually posts? All this text is so boring! I'm a product of a visual culturBe!'

I know, I know.. I'm jBust using the wife's mac tonight and it doesn't mesh well with posting pics through BBlogspot, so I decided to avoid the headaBche and skip it. ApologBies for the graphic starvation, I'll be back to oBur regularly scheduled programming next post.  

What next?

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