Friday, March 14, 2008

The Console War is OVER  

After a long, hard-fought battle, the console war is finally over…

The first casualty was my GameCube -- retired months ago after exhausting every title in its pathetically weak library. The only reason it remained on my active shelf for so long was that many of the titles stubbornly refused to drop in price and I was too chintzy to pony up. Even so, it was the sickest and had been culled. Not much meat on those bones.

With the GameCube out of the picture, it was a long, slow war of attrition between the Xbox and PlayStation 2, each battling to be the last man standing. Although the Xbox gave everything it had and even rallied in the 11th hour with a few unexpectedly enjoyable titles, it never really had a chance.

Sealing its fate, the wife and I finished the last game we had for the Xbox:

Lego Star Wars II. (Whimper, not a bang.)

With that game completed and on a shelf, there’s no longer any reason to have the Xbox unit out, so I’m packing it up and getting it ready for the deep freeze… it will likely never be seen again until the day when I set up a game museum for research purposes or I pass it on to the next generation of game players in my family, whichever comes first.

After taps played and we said a few words in the Xbox’s memory, light refreshments were served. All in attendance dispersed soon after the bologna triangles ran out.

With all opposition now laid to rest, I confidently proclaim the clear winner of last generation’s console war to be the PS2. Its library was just too huge and too diverse for either of the other boxes to call its dominance into question, and I expect it to maintain its active position beside the current big three (PS3/360/Wii) for the foreseeable future – I have a thick stack of untouched PS2 discs waiting, and there are still some worthwhile titles yet to come down the pipe.

Congratulations, Sony… Enjoy your victory. The outcome might not be the same next time.

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