Monday, March 17, 2008

The First Day  

Today was the first full day of my son's Spring Break visit, Age 6... comic hilarity and zany hijinks ensued. It's interesting how certain features of the re-acclimatization and re-settling-in process shift and change over time, some issues disappearing while others come to the fore with each year he grows.

Going from a double-income, no-kids lifestyle to conscientious parenting in the space of a day is a big change, and no matter how many times we go through it, there's always a new twist or spin to tackle. If I had a choice, my son would be with us everyday and he'd be a regular, integrated part of the "Washington Family". Sadly, that's not an option at the present time and the reality is a series of short reunions interrupted by months of distance.

Even though the current situation is a tragedy in many ways, I can say that despite it all, just having these little slices of parenthood are a wonderful gift, and I'm glad that I have my wife to share them with.

That said, exhaustion is starting to set in right about now, so if you'll excuse me... ; )

What next?

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