Monday, March 3, 2008

Nothin' Much  

Nothin' much today... just recovering from a weekend that was blown to hell with multiple work calls between the wife and myself, and we didn't really get the downtime we were looking for. Our internal melatonin levels must now be way off or something, because for some odd reason it felt like it was 10AM all day until about 6PM... when it started to feel more like 3AM. 

But enough rambling, here's some more rambling:

Games: Finished my review of No More Heroes today. Spent a little extra time on it since it's not really the style I usually write in, but I think it's okay. You folks can be the judge once it goes up.

Besides that, I finally started Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on the Wii. This was the only game I had left to try in terms of examining the various Wii control setups and now that I've put a few hours into it, I can say with confidence that the Wiimote doesn't do a damn thing a standard controller doesn't except give me major arm strain and the hassle of trying to hit the crosskey, + and - buttons on a unit that wasn't designed to have them actually see use in real-life gameplay.   

Seriously people, let's just all admit it... the Wiimote may have been a neat idea, but there isn't a single game on the Wii that wouldn't be at least as good or better with a regular controller. (And for those of you who love swinging the damn thing around just for the "fun" of it, more power to you, and the short bus loads on the north corner of the campus.)

Anyway, Metroid's controls are completely irritating. With "looking" mapped to the Wiimote, every time I scratch my nose or shrug my shoulders, the camera view goes all screwy. Toss in using the lame buttons to activate "scan" mode and the pause menu, and you've got the best possible control setup on an inferior controller. I'm supposed to think this is a great advantage and an improvement in playing this game... why?

Film: Watched Stardust with the wife tonight. Hadn't heard much except that it was positioned as the next "Princess Bride", but let me tell you... After watching it, all I can say is that although the film may have had aspirations of being a new fantasy classic, it sure ain't. A meandering, nonsensical plot, miscast actors, and a severe lack of charm or wit added up to a boring, unimpressive, dreary and self-important embarrassment that is quite possibly Robert DeNiro's worst performance ever. And yes, I did see those Ben Stiller films.

...And WOW, does Claire Danes have one major case of man-face. She's supposed to be some dreamy celestial princess? A nagging, bony transvestite, more like it. 

What next?

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